About Us

At Reputation Poll, We believe in innovation

About US

We Believe in INNOVATION.

Officially launched in 2017, Reputation Poll International (RPI) is a leading global reputation-management firm that manages local and international reputations for organizations, brands and individuals.
The firm is known globally for ranking the top most reputable Bank CEOs in various countries and secondly for acknowledging the top most influential individuals that are pioneering their industries to new heights.
The global firm is duly registered in both the United Kingdom , United States of America and Namibia
Core Values
1. Transparency
2. Integrity


The ingenuity of our members social profiles are looked at closely. We do this to ensure that our members are not just existing but are also innovating and creatively moving Forward.
All communications and data between us and our members are handled in strict confidence and with the utmost care. We believe that a good reputation attracts better than any advert.


Reputation Poll international has a wide spread global media reach managing reputations for organizations, brands, and individuals. Further we have access to over 150 international news networks and media platforms.

Excellence in Results

Enhancing Trust.
Amplifying Influence.

Unleashing the Power of Positive Perception.


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